Looking to move your existing minute book online? Let our Butler service handle it for you.

  • Our carrier will pick up your book

    We assume the transportation costs and guarantee the safety of the shipment by the tracking number up to our premises.

  • Securly scanned by our team

    Our team will professionally scan your whole book and insert your documents in the appropriate tabs.

  • Now your book is available online

    Just sign in with your Minutes Depot credentials to use your virtual corporate book.

  • 149.99$

  • Scan, Shipping & Disposal Included

Looking for a new online book?

Congrats! You’re at the right place ! Either you or your advisor can create your corporate book directly and easily.


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  • /year

No hidden fees, that's it.

Create a minutes book

Need a companion?

Feeling a bit shaky? Our friendly team will courteously share 2 hours with you on a 1-on-1 training session, explaining everything you need to know about Minutes Depot. Finally, your book will be set and you’ll feel relieved!

199.99 $

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