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Prepare your meeting effectively

Our manager handles all types of meetings in your organization such as annual assemblies committees, regular or special meetings, and so on. It allows you to send invitations, manage attendance and helps you build your agenda with your own numeration, allowed time and attachments for each item.

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Manage invitations

Foresee your quorum in advance knowing exactly who will attend remotely or onsite with our instant meeting acceptance tool

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Define Agendas

Quickly build the content of your agenda without worrying about mandatory items always recurring with the help of our trendy assistant

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Approve Minutes Online

Get approval of your minutes drafted in the platform and have the final version signed quickly based on the online comments of your members

Hassle free document approval

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Overflow of answers are over

You don’t have to gather a multitude of emails to get feedback on your document. It’s all in one place

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Ease documents approval

You can easily select who has to approve the document and they will be notified instantly.

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Get feedback on content

Members can accept or decline a document by a simple click and leave comments. It's fast and easy.

Ease the signature of your documents

With Minutes Depot, simply place the document on the platform and easily request its signature with one click. Each signee will receive unique keys by two separated channels i.e. email and text messages (SMS). The combination of these two keys confirms the legitimacy of the person.

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Easily find your organization’s documents

The search tool lets you find any document in seconds whether you’re searching by description, date, or even content. You can easily upload PDF copies of past meetings and add relevant keywords for faster and richer search results.

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Better informed volunteers are more involved

Ease access to all the documents of your organization including Rules and Regulations, letters patent, compliance certificates, resolutions, contracts or any other documents that are often requested from you. Your volunteers will be able to review it and therefore comply more easily. Volunteers will better support your orientations and adhere more closely to your rules and regulations if they can refer to when the need arises.

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