Minutes Depot offers a safe, compliant and lawful solution for Entrepreneurs who want to quickly create and share an online Corporate Records Book, without any special skills and for a fraction of the price of a professional.

Minutes Depot was founded in 2014 in Quebec City, Canada. The Co-Founders had just successfully exited their first startup and had experienced first hand the need for a SaaS that would help entrepreneurs comply with business laws by generating and managing all required legal documents such as By-Laws, Shareholders resolutions, corporate minutes and resolutions and so on without having to pay high attorney fees. The Solution is user friendly so the entrepreneurs can use it without special skills or legal knowledge.

With nearly 600 customers at the end of 2016 sales are expected to triple in the first quarter of 2017. At the end of december all of Canada’s Provinces were included in the document generator and the co-founders are now ready to expand throughout the United States.

As it happens with other trendy applications like Uber or Airbnb not everybody will be enthusiastic about the emergence of such a service. Namely Law firms that might find hard to compete with a self service that cost less than 25$ per month and seems more attractive to young startup entrepreneurs.


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Louis Bedard
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Charest Est Blvd, 2nd Floor 125
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Louis Bedard
Louis-Marc Rodrigue
Tommy Rochette


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The team at Minutes Depot is highly available, they were attentive to fulfill our expectations and guide us for the use of this new tool.
Alexandra Masson
Minutes Depot is a precursor in our field worth to be known among law firms and individuals.
Anne-Edma Louis
Minutes Depot is an awesome tool available in real time, which increases the efficiency between your officers, business partners and your board.
Jean-François David
Finally, a useful tool, specifically designed for the Business Law, who use the web and my iPhone to be available whenever and wherever I want.
Justine Leclerc