Your Secure Data

Minutes Dépôt understands and recognizes that data protection, confidentiality and availability is primordial and constitutes the legal basis of your business.

Hence all the time and effort we invested in designing a highly secure app, in collaboration with world renowned leaders.


Our physical infrastructure are located in Amazon secure data centers that meets the highest safety standards in the industry.

Data Center

  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 1 and SOC 2/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (Previously SAS 70 Type II)
  • FISMA Moderate
  • And much more...

Physical Protection

Our physical infrastructure are equipped with automatic fire detection and suppression equipment. They reside in a temperature controlled environment that prevents overheating and reduce risk of equipment failure.

Network and Security

Secure Payments

Minutes Depot does not store credit card number. All credit card data are transferred directly to our payment gateway, Stripe, which is certified PCI Level 1 (the strictest level).


Multiple layers of firewall is used to restrict access to the application. These firewalls grant access only the ports and protocols required by the platform which helps prevent intrusions.

Hackers Protection

Our servers are equipped with systems that prevents, detects and warns against attacks such as DDoS, spoofing and port scan.

SSL Security

All communications between your browser, our website and our technological partners are secure through SSL 128 bit encryption.

Encrypted Passwords

Your password is encrypted one-way, which means that no one will never be able to access it.

Daily Backups

Your data are hosted on a reliable infrastructure but in the case of a force majeure event, a full backup is taken daily. Therefore, you could not undergo more than 24 hours of data loss.

Minute Book Versioning

For each modification or deletion in your minute book, a version is stored. This versioning system allows you to go back anywhere in time to consult the state of your book for a specific date. This technology allows us, for example, to recover a document deleted by mistake.

Confidentiality and Monitoring

Permission Management

As a book owner you have full control over who can add, create, read and modify the documents comprised in your minutes book.

Access and Operations Surveillance

Every single operation performed on Minutes Dépôt is recorded in a log, which can be consulted at any time to see who accessed your minutes book and obtain detailed information on every event.

No Public Indexing

Search engines have no access to your data and cannot index minute books.

No unauthorized party can access your book

Minutes Dépôt and its employees will never read the content of your book without express authorization, even if they were to receive a support request.

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