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With Minutes Dépôt, any authorized individual gets easy computer, tablet or smartphone access to every legal document pertaining to your company. Wherever. Whenever. The platform is an efficient and organized tab design that provides general overviews of your company’s info. At any time you can quickly peek at your shareholders, officers and directors lists, or access the details on the professionals attached to your company (auditor, financial institution and law firm).

Shareholders, Officers & Directors

Minutes Dépôt allows you to modify your registers directly on the platform and link every related document, such as appointment acceptance or resignation letters, as the case may be.

Share and Securities Trading

The share management interface simplifies matters of issuance, transfer, or buyback and allows you to keep your share and transfer certificates up to date and always instantly available.

Modification History

With the modification section of your book and its detailed record, it’s easy to keep track of every change, complete with the date and author.

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