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Benefits of online book

  • One click sharing
  • Bulletproof security
  • No more vanished book
  • Multiplatform access

Without any special skills

  • Automatic document generation
  • Free templates
  • Accessible words no hocus-pocus!
  • Secure access

Other cool features

  • Online board of directors
  • Built-in digital signature
  • Friendly team
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Already have a paper minute book?

No time to scan your existing minute book? Let our Butler Service take care of everything, from transportation to creating your online minute book, and shredding or returning your paper book.

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Need a companion?

Feeling a bit shaky? Our friendly team will courteously share 2 hours with you on a 1-on-1 training session, explaining everything you need to know about Minutes Depot. Finally, your book will be set and you’ll feel relieved!

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