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Answer a few simple questions about your business and its shareholders, then the document generator wizard of Minutes Depot will complete all of the sections and documents required by law and investors in your minute book. Just sit back and relax!


The Wizard will ask you some simple questions such as: your name, company name and the number of shareholders.

Document generation

Once the survey is completed, the Wizard will generate all required documents according to your jurisdiction based on your answers.

Validation & Signature

Our documents are written in clear and accessible English to be understood by normal human beings, all is left for you is to sign them!

Unique rights for unique users

Granular sharing

The sharing feature allows to manage which sections or even what documents you wish to share.

Granular permissions

Hide some parts of your book, give write access to some items and read only for others.

User access expiry

Determine ahead of time for how long a user can access your book.

Ease the signature of your resolutions and documents

With Minutes Depot, simply place the document on the platform and easily request its signature with one click. Each signee will receive two unique keys by email and text messages (SMS). The combination of these two keys confirms the legitimacy of the person.

Instant share certificates

You enjoy the vintage method with the paper share certificate, no problem! Minutes Depot automatically generates your populated share certificates in PDF so you can print them to satisfy the nostalgics. No more searching in stores to find Stock Certificate Paper that you will have to fill manually making sure you have the right information.

Useful Reminders and Notifications

With our reminders, it's now easier to be on time for your annual filing. Moreover, Minutes Depot will notify you when one of your collaborators edits your company book.

Templates for your legal documents

To assist you in drafting your legal documents, Minutes Depot offers at no charge for its customers a variety of templates written in an accessible language. Here are a few examples: resolutions, Non-disclosure agreement, declaration of a private issuer, and more.

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